Tuesday, October 14, 2014

New baby, new bathroom. That's fair, right?

Our bathroom renovations have begun! 
Yes, two weeks out from when I'm due to give birth. (For anyone who didn't know, we are expecting baby number two at the end of the month). Clearly, the decision to renovate now was Paul's. He seems to get a sudden, extreme version of the nesting bug and undertakes fairly major projects in my final days of pregnancy. 
Last time it was our front porch. I left for hospital with the existing one having been demolished and returned to a brand new one. And this time it's the bathroom. Which, to be fair, has been in desperate need of work since we moved in. 
I hope it doesn't mean I have to keep popping out babies to get the rest of the house done.

The existing, pokey facilities (note the absence of an actual bath in the 'bathroom'):

Rosie currently has her "wish wash", as she calls it, in the
(also dated) laundry sink.
Which is getting a bit cramped.

Here is our handiwork so far, in pictures:

We've basically just removed the wall linings of some of the space.

And baby number two, at 38 weeks.

Do you - or your partner - have a habit of embarking on rather large projects at ill-advised times?

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