Wednesday, March 30, 2011

From the archives: I don't see my parents for a year. Or my husband for a month. Then they all arrive on the same weekend

* This post is one from my archives; I wrote it in June 2009 when I was contributing to a news website. It is another cheat post, I know, but I've put it up because I wanted to try a June-themed link-up thingie run by a fantastic blogger I discovered this week: So here it is (originally posted at on Feb 18, 2011).

Yesterday morning a few workmates asked me, as polite people are wont to do on Mondays, how my weekend was. I gaped like a fool for some time while searching for an answer.
It had been the kind of weekend for which I’d switched off my brain and the question left me fumbling for the switch to start it again while simultaneously struggling to remember specifics of the preceeding two days.
It had, in fact, been a lovely weekend. Spent with my visiting parents, which allowed me to regress to the state of childhood. In other words, uselessness. I don’t normally do that. It’s more my sister’s role whenever the folks are about.
However I’ve never seen anyone quite so adept at it as my husband. It’s a sight to behold, this sudden transformation from perfectly capable grown man to helpless creature that must be waited upon for everything from a cup of coffee to his ice cream and sprinkles.
But back to the weekend. (During which I also welcomed the above-mentioned husband home after a month-long absence for work. I neglected to mention this during the Monday morning catch-up because anyone who had previously commented on it had done so with decidedly gutter-minded remarks, and I sensed it may not have been appropriate conversation in a professional setting.)
He’d returned just in time for the four of us to spend the weekend camping. But I’m afraid I’m still in lazy mode so won’t attempt to provide an entertaining recount. I’ll instead resort to providing photos (see below) and a plug for tropical Queensland tourism: we broke up the hours of lolling about by exploring, firstly, the amazing Paronella Park, and then the beautiful Hull Heads beach. If you ever get the chance to do either, I recommend you do.

Paronella Park building, by night

Mena Falls, Paronella Park

The main Paronella Park building

Water fountain at Paronella Park

Avenue of trees at Paronella Park

Mum and Paul take a walk along Hulls Head beach

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