Saturday, March 26, 2011

From the archives: Blokes, it's your turn to make a bit of effort

You may have read about the report showing that women are getting better looking.
Now this was not just a bit of speculation - someone actually spent time and money finding proof. By studying families and kids and lots of beautiful women. Bet that was a tough day’s work for the male researchers.
In the end they concluded evolution has meant pretty women have more children than their beauty-challenged sisters, and a higher proportion of those children are girls.
I don’t doubt the results for an instant. I’ve spent time recently in an office dominated by women and EVERY ONE OF THEM IS GORGEOUS. Stunning. The sole man isn’t different simply because of gender - he’s the only one with unfortunate eyebrows and approaching baldness.
It’s enough to give anyone average-looking (ie, me) a complex.
The findings are good news for men who like the pretty ladies. Unfortunately it appears women are unable to enjoy the same phenomena. Because it seems men are actually getting worse looking.
In fact, to generalise just a lot, they’ve really let themselves go. For the same reasons we’ve become so familiar with: smaller demand for physical work, a taste for lard-laden fast food, too much driving/not enough walking, and so on.
I’ve seen plenty of old photos of working guys on the job - building the Sydney Harbour Bridge, ploughing paddocks, driving Chevs or whatever it was they did to ‘make a bob’. The majority of them shirtless or in singlets. And ranging from easy on the eye to oh-my-freaking-god-now-he-is-HOT. Even allowing for the bizarre hairstyles and facial hair obsessions of the day.
Walk past a workshop or building site today and you’re likely to feel inordinately cheated. Firstly, the OH&S-required throat-to-wrist safety wear means there’s nary a bronzed, bare shoulder in sight. But it really doesn’t matter. Because underneath the sea of fluoro you’re more likely to encounter beer guts and manboobs than washboard abs and muscle-bound forearms. It’s no different – possibly worse - in offices where the flab is instead under business shirts and ties.
No wonder older women so often have that sour set to their mouths and call it the ‘good old days’.

This post was originally written in 2009 and is getting some air again for Weekend Rewind at Life In A Pink Fibro.


  1. I can comment! Hurrah!!!!!!
    I've worked in beauty therapy and makeup artistry for years and some of the women I've worked with have been model-worthy amazons. I most definitely have a complex.

  2. I hadn't heard about this research. Women's beauty as an evolutionary process - definitely something in that :)

    I agree with observations about the 'hotties' who worked on the bridge. Mind you, they all seem a lot older than our boys on the tools these days. Maybe career pathways have something to do with the general flabbing up of men?

    Hi from the Fibro!

  3. LOL! I think it's definitely true that women work harder at it as they get older - it's all about expectations, isn't it??

    Thanks for Rewinding at the Fibro.


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