Saturday, May 21, 2011

This week I'm grateful for ... getting out of the kitchen

I don't actually hate cooking. Just cooking every day.
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This week I'm grateful for not having to cook dinner. The husband, Paul, and I try to take it in turns but recently (as in for-the-past-six-months recently) I was getting home a lot earlier so kind of fell into doing it all the time.
But now we happen to be on exactly the same roster, and Paul has got his butt back in the kitchen. And - bonus! - to play a bit of catch-up and get his dinner duty fortnights synchronised with his on-call roster he'll be there for One. Whole. Month.
He's just finished his first fortnight and for this blissful period whenever he has asked:
* "What should we have for dinner tonight?" I've been able to answer with an uninterested yet gleeful "I don't care. You're cooking!"
* "Do we have any soy sauce?" With "I don't know. You check. You're cooking!"
* "So we'd better write out a shopping list tonight." with "Probably. You work out what to buy though and write it. You're cooking!"
* "Do you think I should make enough rissoles (the man has anointed himself the high priest of rissoles thanks to his popular 'secret recipe') for us to have leftovers tomorrow?" With "If you like. I don't care. YOU'RE COOKING! AHAA HA HA HA!"
It has indeed been a wonderful time. And we're only halfway through. Aah. 

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  1. ahaha your comment on my blog cracked me up! Don't be humbled, im a total brat!!

    ill follow you now to keep up

    xo em

  2. Love that feeling of not cooking- but I do agree it's not just the cooking it's the decision making that also needs to be done! Thanks for visiting my blog.

  3. It can be fun working this out. Over time little things are realised that make it all work and flow so much better.

    Enjoy those rissoles.

    jill x

  4. So funny! Best to enjoy it while it lasts! (And pat yourself on the back for finding a mate who CAN cook, and cook well!)

  5. I love baking and preparing for parties, but I loathe the day to day cooking role. I think that's the main reason why I am sticking to the 'Commando' diet - LOML does the cooking which means provided I'm 'on' the diet, I'm 'off' the cooking! x

  6. Sounds good to me! I wish someone else would do the cooking my house sometimes!
    Nice to find you through Maxabella :)

  7. Haha!!
    I hate cooking too!!
    Not so much the cooking bit, but the bloody mess I have to clean at the end of it. Such a production!
    I love to bloody eat though ;-)

  8. I am most definitely spoilt as my hubby cooks every night unless we go out for dinner or he is away with work. BLISS. So glad you are getting your turn to relax after work.


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