Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Derrieres in demand

Pippa Middleton in the dress that launched her
bottom onto 'must-have' lists across the UK,
and probably elsewhere.
Image source: http://www.hoymujer.com/
Oh dear, this is a little concerning. According to news reports, oodles of British women are signing up to have their bottoms surgically reshaped into replicas of Pippa Middleton's rear.
The Brisbane Times says:

The frenzy surrounding Pippa Middleton's derriere has led to a spike in bookings for bottom-lifting treatments in Britain.
Since April's royal wedding, cosmetic surgeons have reported a 60 per cent increase for work on British backsides.
One cosmetic clinic has even named a surgery, The Pip Package Perfect Posterior, which can cost up £8000 ($12,000).
Middleton became known around the world for her buttocks during her role as maid of honour for her sister Catherine's wedding to Prince William on April 29 at Westminster Abbey.
"We are now seeing scores of female clients seeking the perfect bottom," Lesley Khan of London's Harley Street Skin Clinic told London's Daily Star.
"A few years back everyone wanted the Jennifer Lopez look, but now everyone asks for a bottom like Pippa's - curvy but not too peachy."

This is all of absolutely zero use to me. Because even if I had the wish (and the cash) to put my bum under the knife, I doubt the engineering methods required to lift it have yet been developed. It's sheer girth and weight would make it an impossibility. (Unless they first carved slabs off it and attached them to my sorry excuse for a chest).
Regardless of the changes in fashion that take us from peachy-curvy rears to medium-curvy ones to whatever is next, mine will have to remain the kind that demands Bisley work pants in '92 Stout' size. Pulling on clothes that yell 'stout' at you every morning does wonders for a girl's self-esteem, I can assure you.

Do you think having surgery to get someone else's bottom is a tad ridiculous? If not, whose would you want?


  1. It's funny how different cultures prefer different body shapes, coming from Mauritius, I think Pippa's bottom is toned but it lacks any shape. Even in the picture you have provided, you can see she is pretty much straight up and down.I personally prefer more of an athletic body shape. I thought when Kate and Pippa strolled down the carpet, they looked too thin. I personally believe it's not a healthy body type for women to aspire to. Give me a curvier bottom any day. When I went to the gym, unfortunately I lost most of my bottom curves which was very disappointing as it was the only curve I really had - sheesh! Ladies if you already have a butt, you're already halfway there. You can't build on what you don't have! Just keep on doing your squats, lunges and also cycling is great for a toned butt - no surgery required, just a little bit of effort!

  2. I think it's extremely rediculous and anyone gullible enough to part with their money should stop and realise that after months/years back on their old lifestyle post surgery, they're just going to end up with the same old arse back!


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