Saturday, June 25, 2011

Grateful for ... coffee

Give me a hit.
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I am grateful for coffee. Every week. I know, who isn't, right? Except weird other people, like my sister, who don't like it.
I'm a big fan of the stuff. Not merely for the caffeine, though at times that kick is appreciated. I just adore the taste.
And the ritual. The arrival of your flat white, latte or whatever, looking perfect and promising with its creamy fluff on top. The kicking back and shutting out the world briefly by letting your senses focus on your brew's aroma, taste and warmth.
I'm particularly grateful for coffee shops where you can eavesdrop and people watch (I've earwigged on some fascinating conversations in my time), or amuse yourself with a book. Or twitter or facebook or email. Not that I'd waste a good coffee break on twitter, you understand (ha!).
Everyone seems to have their own coffee idiosyncrasies, beyond the 'white with two' variety. Mine include a severe aversion to the instant crap version (my dad only drinks instant and will have a glass of water before going anywhere near the properly-made stuff, if you can believe that. Unfathomable.), as well as any meddling with it by way of 'flavours'. It's coffee I like and coffee I'll have, thank you - not coffee and hazelnut/caramel/vanilla/chilli specially harvested from a mountaintop in remote Thailand.
I also tend to avoid it in the mornings. Tea is lighter and easier to get down first thing. The only time I've regularly had coffee upon waking was when I had a job that required me to leave the house at 4.30am (and return at 7pm). Any kind of caffeine injection was welcome then.
In some happy coffee-related news, my workplace has just invested in a space-age DeLonghi espresso machine. Sweet! And they accidentally bought about 100kg of the dark roast, not medium roast, beans. Even better!

Are you a coffee person? How many a day? Or are you one of those crazies who can't even stand the smell of it?

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  1. I love the ritual of coffee. It's such a social thing as well. I love meeting up with friends at cafes, or grabbing a takeaway with my boyfriend on the weekend and going for a stroll and a chat.

    I have no more than one coffee a day - after doing a barista course earlier this year, where I downed about four coffees in the space of two hours, then spent the whole day feeling like I was literally going to die, I've had to show some self control and stick to one skim cappuccino a day!

    I'm off to get my daily coffee now. Have a great weekend xx

  2. I'm with you on the no meddling. The flavour of coffee is just so lovely on it's own.

  3. I agree 100% with no additional flavours - do not understand it!! Have a hot chocolate if you are gonna do that I say LOL

    I see instant as quite another drink altogether. I will drink it if it's all that's going and I don't dislike it but it's not coffee to me anymore.

    I drink coffee upon waking, I look forward to it as I fall asleep LOL

  4. I'm not much of a coffee drinker I'm more of a tea kind of girl. If I do have coffee you can barely tell it is coffee, soy mocha latte one equal thanks.

    But I do love making coffee, I love the smell of fresh beans and it makes me happy when my milk is all smooth and creamy.

  5. When I was working (not SAHM-ing)full time I used to love walking into the staff room first thing of a morning and breathing in the delicious scent of coffee. The flavour I can take or leave, I don't really care, but that smell? Mmmm.

  6. Oh yeah! You are my kind of coffee drinker. I don't touch instant, it's not even coffee for freakin' sake. And those weirdo syrups... no way thank you. I am a flat white, cafe latte, or short black if I am desperate kind of girl.

  7. Is it possible we are long-lost sisters? Our bio even starts the same way!!

    I love coffee to the point of dependence (serious - get bad withdrawal headaches!). Would not survive without it. I DO take instant if there isn't proper coffee available but am pretty fussy about brands. And I take ridiculous amounts of milk. Definitately a latte girl!


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