Saturday, August 6, 2011

Grateful for ... my beanie. Kind of

Lately - meaning ever since the temperature dropped below 15 degrees - I've been grateful for my beanie. Even though it only cost $4 from Woolies and makes me look like I work for, it does the job on nippy mornings.
I'm also grateful for my ability to swallow my vanity and wear it. Especially as I have to team it with a hard hat, completing the thug/total nutter look. As demonstrated:
The beanie:
I don't want to write a caption because it would mean
having to look at this photo, and I'd rather avoid that.

The beanie-helmet combo:

And finally, I'm grateful for people who see me in it wait til I'm out of sight and/or earshot before wetting themselves with laughter.

PS Any of you clever knitter/bloggers out there who'd like to make me a more stylish one, feel free. I will pay!

Joining in Maxabella's lovely 'Grateful' link-up again.

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