Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Some days, most days... featuring chocolate and tight pants. Which may or may not be related

It's choc-o'clock somewhere.
Image source: www.corbisimages.com
* Some days I make it to 7pm without chocolate. Most days I make it to 4.12pm - the moment I get home from work.
* Some days I'm on twitter too much. Most days I check in every now and then and notice everyone is having wonderful, entertaining tweetversations while I'm missing out oblivious.
* Some days I swear my pants have shrunk in the wash. Most days they are merely what you might call 'slightly too snug' - I can tell, because Paul makes lewd, appreciative comments, and when he finds them that attractive they are generally too tight for public consumption. But some days I get this particular pair that almost cuts me in half. It's just that one pair, so the blame lies with the pants, not my girth, right? Right?
* Some days I don't even think about how many shifts I have left before I reach my days off. Most days, recently, I've been counting down several times a day - because I'll be having not just RDOs, but holidays! Woohoo, holidaaaays! They begin at knock-off time Thursday, just so you know.

Linking up again with Lulu from Cherry Blossom Adventures for this 'Some days, most days' post. Thanks Lulu!

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