Saturday, August 18, 2012

She's here! (Pretend I said that 3 months ago)

Our young miss has been in the world for a few months now, meaning I've been a bit tardy in sharing her story. (I'm loving not having to worry about deadlines at the moment, in case you can't tell.) So...  Introducing Rose Amelia:

Brand new bubba.

She was in no hurry to make her arrival. We hadn't wanted to find out if we were to have a boy or a girl, so the delay prompted lots of speculation - some said the baby must be a boy because it was being lazy, others that it was a girl because women are (apparently) never on time. 
But when I was nine days overdue the wonders of induction got her moving. Though she was still in anything but a rush - it took a C section to convince her to finally grace us with her presence, and she did so on the afternoon of May 1.
She was born at the height of a Kalgoorlie baby boom and during our hospital stay the maternity ward had only one bed spare. Busy!
Since that life-changing day we've obviously had our share of tears, joy, smiles and spew, as well as -  of course - photos...

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