Monday, August 20, 2012

Slippery slope of slipper addiction

When you discover you're pregnant and start devouring all the baby-related information you can click a mouse on, you come across lots of items that start with 'no one ever told me...' To the point where you begin to assume "well I've read so much advice, from 'experts' and other mothers, I must be aware of, if not exactly prepared for, almost every possibility". WRONG. 
Despite all my research, there were some things no one told me. Like how having a baby in late autumn meant that seven weeks into being a mother I'd decide owning four pairs of slippers was a very good idea. 
I'd never before spared slippers much thought, other than having an aversion to those awful novelty type ones that look like dinosaurs or fluffy cartoon characters. 
Yet one morning I found myself thinking "gee I'm glad I've got each of my four sets of slippers". 
What my Snoozies looked like when new.
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I've got a pair of cheapy ugg boot-type ones from Kmart (cost eight bucks!) that are the warmest. Then there are my Snoozies, which are like thick, fluffy sockettes. Very quiet to walk in and soft and comfy, though their sticky, rubbery bits on the sole have you accusing people of spilling cordial everywhere. 
The third pair don't have anything around your ankle, so you can slip them on hands-free. Not the warmest, but great when you stagger out of bed for night feeds.
My last pair were (they've since died a crumbling, sole-shedding death) flip flops made of fluffy slipper stuff. They were just what I needed when it wasn't exactly cold, but too cool to go barefoot. 
Yes. Clearly I have too much time on my hands. 

Have you ever made a trivial, surprise discovery? Or am I the only one wasting brainpower on things like indoor footwear?

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