Monday, October 22, 2012

Turns out I might have a green thumb

One of the ironies of my life is that here, on the edge of a desert, I seem able to grow things. Plants, that is.
When I lived on the fertile plains of central NSW they would slowly wither and perish. In the lush tropics of Queensland anything I attempted to grow didn't even seem to try. It just upped and died. Within days of coming into my possession.
But here, in dry, dusty south-east WA? Every (well, almost) plant in my care is not just surviving but growing.

It's third summer and my water lily is finally flowering!
It didn't even get yanked off and spat out by the dog, which is what usually
happens to any flowers within her reach.
Looks like I might actually get some tomatoes this year.

And some strawberries.

I thought these paper daisy things would just sit there and cope the best
they could, but they, incredibly, have new growth and new flowers.

A flower on the 'what-ya-call-it?' plant.
This is what normally happens to my plants. I thought I'd cooked this cyclamen when I left it on the front porch one hot day. It is now the first plant in my history of plant-killing to have bounced back from near death.

Of course their condition has nothing on that of the pampered plants in my husband's part of the garden. They're going bananas over there.

Update: I took these photos a while ago and can report that everything pictured is continuing to grow. I just couldn't be bothered taking more photos.

Do you have a green thumb? Or do you only have to look at a plant for it to keel over?

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  1. I'm impressed, your flowers are very pretty. Im one of those people that kills everything. I even managed to kill my cactus. if by some miracle they do survive me my plants go the other way. I planted 4 different water plants, 3 died but the 4th went nuts and took over the pond, now I can't get rid of it.


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