Sunday, July 31, 2011

All class

Regular readers will be aware of my husband's huntin', shootin', bush-goin' ways. But he's also talented and creative. Where these characteristics intersect is with his part-time hobby/home business of making custom knives. And, if I may say so, he's pretty damn good at it. His knives are top notch. And they are beautiful.
Here is one of his latest masterpieces, almost at completion:

Paul's talents also extend to making high-quality sheaths for the knives. Customers have these personalized with, say, their initials or a particular pattern stamped on them. Or they can have a picture carving. One guy provided a photo of his beloved great dane and had Paul carve it onto the pouch.
Now, most customers are hunters too and so go with a hunting-themed image. But what do you think the guy having the above-pictured knife made wants? In his own words: 'a massive pair of tits'.
Bags not doing the Google search to find a photo for Paul to copy from for that one. My own assets are far from fitting the brief ('massive', remember), so I thankfully won't have to pose, either.

The heterosexual male's fascination with boobs still takes me by surprise sometimes. What well-documented male traits amaze you?

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