Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Some days, most days

Today I'm linking up with Cherry Blossom Adventures for a 'Some days are Tuesdays' post. Thanks Lulu!

Some days I am personally affronted by people in awful outfits. I rarely get the chance to wear nice things anymore and have started to believe that every opportunity to do so should be taken, and not wasted on three-sizes-too-small leggings and a Jim Beam jacket. Most days I just cringe though.

Some days I'm convinced 80 per cent of the staff at the local Bunnings are thicker than the four-inch planks in their warehouse. Most days I don't go near the place. Thankfully.
Shame about the dimwit staff, though.
Image source: www.bunnings.com.au

Some days hearing someone say 'I seen' when they mean 'I saw' has no effect on me. Most days it makes my teeth hurt.

Some days I gossip at work. Most days I keep out of it. Unless it comes with extra juice.

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