Friday, July 1, 2011

What floats my boat. And what doesn't

Jensen Ackles. AKA Dean Winchester
from Supernatural.
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I'm ripping this idea off another blog, the fabulous Good Golly Miss Holly. Basically, it's a get-to-know-me list (and I'm sure you're all gagging to learn more about me), featuring things I like and things I think people should be shot for. OK, being shot is a bit harsh, but you get the drift.
So, what floats my boat? An abbreviated list: 
  • Sleep-ins. Which means anything past 5am these days. 
  • Toasted marshmallows. Warm, sugary goo. Am addicted. 
  • Marian Keyes books. Mammy Walsh, hilarious characters, lovable characters, the wonderful Irishness of them all.
  • Pay day. Obviously.
  • Watching TV shows on DVD instead of during normal broadcast. Benefits: No ads. Rewinding the bit in Supernatural where Dean takes his kit off and gets down with the angel and ... well, you can see for yourself. Another advantage is that when you get to a cliffhanger ending and bleat out 'Oh it can't finish there! What happens next?' you can simply press a button on the remote and find out. Even if you should have gone to bed three episodes ago.
  • Pretty pictures/designs. On cards. In magazines. Wrapping paper. Art galleries. Other people's blogs. These can be found in lots of places, really.
  • Comments on my blog (hint hint).
  • Foot rubs (hint hint someone in particular. That would be you, Paul).
And what sinks it:
  • The bothersome 'woooOOOoooOOO' of air whistling in through a minuscule gap in the ute window during my morning drive to work. By the time I drive home the warmth of the day (if you call 18 degrees warm. Which I most certainly do not) has gummed up the seal and it is blessedly silent. But it returns again the very next morning. 
  • Radio news bulletins that give you only two stories.
  • Radio news bulletins that play a rock beat in background.
  • Radio news bulletins that give you two stories and recite them with a rock beat in the background.
  • Not being able to get another channel on the radio.
  • When people don't finish their sentences. And then give you an odd look if you finish them instead. WTF?


  1. My OH has a bad habit of not finishing his sentences, usually because he's thinking about something else. It drives me crazy.

    I love getting mail (thats not bills) it's so rare to write a letter now days that it's extra exciting to find something addressed to me.

  2. I should do more of the TV on DVD. Make such sense in the country where we get 3 channels and can only see them if the wind is blowing in the right direction.

    Have you joined Pinterest yet for your image addiction?

  3. Floating my boat recently is that fact that I was able to save my laptop from a nasty virus without having to take it to a "geek squad" of sorts and paying a fortune =].


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