Saturday, July 30, 2011

Too busy to read. Too lazy to shave my legs. And other random bits of news

What my stack of neglected books would currently look
like. If I hadn't got with the times and
started reading with an e-reader.
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There's been a spike of activity in my corner of desert land lately. Nothing super exciting (well, apart from us buying a house. WE'RE BUYING A HOUSE!) so I'm afraid I'm a little low on things of note to report.
But the blogosphere likes to be fed. Often. So what to do but do a busy-but-boring post? Ergo, what exactly has been going down in desert town:
Work has been busy - though thankfully the run of 14-hour shifts appears to be over for now. Home has been busy - as it generally is around tax time, winter (extra washing, running about after firewood seemingly every second day and so on) and sifting through the waffle generated by a house purchase.
Even my near comatose social life has drawn a few fresh, shuddering gasps and got a little colour back in its cheeks.
In a bid to get done the things I currently need done, I decided prior to my last lot of days off that I wouldn't start reading another book until this lot of days off. Reading is my main form of distraction, so I hoped abstaining would free up a lot of hours. I initially floated the idea of giving up cooking and sex for the same period. Let's just say that was not well received. So, it was my reading habit that had to go. Temporarily, anyway. We are still busy and, with great effort, I've extended the ban.
So much for life in a sleepy little country town. I guess, compared to the hectic pace of a city, it is sleepy here. The traffic certainly is. One thing is quick though - word. Word gets around FAST.
I should be used to it by now, but it's still a little bit scary. Probably because everyone knows everyone and we all live virtually within shouting distance of each other.
For example, I'll replay a conversation we had with a nice young couple we'd just met while attending a BBQ the other night. The couple had mentioned they lived just around the corner from the host's place.
Me: Oh right, so where are you guys?
New guy: We're in X street, number YY.
Me: We're in X street! You must be in the block just down from us.
Paul: But we just bought a house and are about to move to Z street, up the end, in the house next to Old Mate's* son.
New guy: Ah, me old man's up there. You'll be two down from 'im, then.
See? There's about 0.0006 degrees of separation between everyone.
This was the second BBQ we'd been to in as many weeks. For a homebody like me, that is enough to constitute a spike in social activity. A welcome spike, however.
We were lucky to make it to this one, because just before we left for it, I was pulling on my favorite boots and took the opportunity to show Paul the carpet-like state of my winter legs. He almost had a heart attack.
I tend to think that if your legs see the light of day so rarely even your husband doesn't notice the forest, you shouldn't need to bother with deforestation. In the interests of maintaining his cardiac health, however, I'm rethinking that theory.

* It had previously been established that both Paul and New Guy knew Old Mate. And his son. Not that it had really needed to be established. You can almost always assume that, like I said, everyone knows everyone. Or, at least, knows of them.

What do you give up when you need to dedicate time to more pressing, if mundane, matters? And can anyone tell me who's fool idea it was to decree leg hair on women shocking and undesirable?

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